Uchchimunai Island Project 2022

Uchchimunai Island Project

Uchchimunai Island, the second-largest of the 14 islands off the shore of Kalpitiya, Puttalam, North Western Province. There are approximately 131 households with 176 children on the island.

Almost all of them are Fisherfolk for many generations. They have no clean water, no electricity, very poor sanitation and no proper toilets. They only have Cajan houses (Cadjan are woven mats made from coconut palm leaves, used for roofing and walls).

They have a school which doesn’t have any basic facilities.
Children are at least 20% malnourished against Country norms.
Transportation is by boat only, 13 km to the mainland of Kalpitiya and vice versa.

We have selected 30 School students to support with monthly payment of one thousand rupees till they reach 18years old from Uchchimunai island.

If you would like to contribute or more information about this project please contact us.