A free eye checkup camp in Maskeliya

A free eye checkup camp in Maskeliya was held on 08th September 2019 in collaboration with the LBR Foundation and its partner, Tea Leaf Vision, funded by the OSLO Boys Foundation.

The eye treatment camp was held at Tea Leaf Vision School in Maskeliya from 9.00am to 4.00pm. People from Maskeliya and its neighboring areas participated in the programme.

There were over 250 people benefited from the eye treatment camp. It is worth noting that the OSLO Boys Foundation is responsible for the cost of treating spectacles and cataract surgery for the beneficiaries, as the Eye Camp is being carried out by the OSLO Boys Foundation.

Two patients got their cataract surgery recently among 8 from the camp and the others didn’t turn to the surgery due to some personal reasons. The other patients who wanted to get their spectacles went to the hospitals and got them but still there were some patients who didn’t turn to the hospital to get them.